Saturday, January 30, 2010

Attempted Snowman!

So, yesterday we were trapped in the apartment watching the snow fall for hours... After laying around all day, we woke up bright and early this morning with the excitement to build our first snowman! We ventured into our storage closet and found all of our ski gear, which were FREEZING cold. We threw them in the dryer and began collecting items around the house that would soon become our beloved snowman.
We decided on chocolate kisses for the mouth, foil for the nose, an apron, a scarf, and some rocks for the eyes! (We were a little low on snowman items if you couldn't tell.) We got dressed, set up our camera, and ventured out.
On my way down the stairs I realized things didn't quite feel right underneath my feet. I began to feel more and more unsteady as I explored the area we had declared for our snowman. It was complete ICE! We had about 4 inches of snow yesterday, which we believe melted and refroze over night. We were bummed to say the least, but made the most of our time taking funny pictures with our camera.
Here's to our day playing in the ice!

Me peeking behind the tree :)

The view from our parking lot!!

Brandon pretending to "layout"

The big chunk of ice!!


Anonymous said...

bummer...oh well. enjoy your tome together and away from work.