Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pregnancy Nerves are Kickin In!

So, after almost 5 months of being pregnant, I am finally starting to get nervous! I have been starting to think a lot about this whole "motherhood" thing! I am so overwhelmed with excitement and joy. However, I am starting to wonder how I will do a lot of things while I am working. I have been reading the book, Baby Wise, which I love! Here are just a FEW of my questions, feel free to comment with advise:
1. How will I continue to breastfeed while working? Is it possible?
2. How much will we be spending on daycare?
3. Will I ever get the opportunity to stay at home with my babies?
4. What is the gender of this baby?
5. What happens if I end up having to have a c-section?
6. Will my family be here long enough to help me become a good/healthy mother?
7. How will Mister adjust to the change?
I am usually not a nervous person, but I must admit, I am starting to freak out a little bit! I know that God is going to provide, and money is not even a concern. He has been faithful in His promises. I am also assured by His love and I know God is going to bless our family in so many ways. The anxiety mostly stems from the overwhelming desire to have many children and to get to spend as much time with them as possible! I am continuing to pray for doors to open for Brandon and his work. I am hoping my full-time job in the future will be to be the best mother possible! Please continue to pray for us during this awesome time.


CaseyWiegand said...

2 things! I had a c-section and it actually turned out to be amazing, I was completely "recovered" in a day or two and from now in will just schedule my c-sections, walk right in and skip all the pain!!!! Secondly, because Aiden was in the NICU I had to pump and he wound up getting used to that...girl you can pump like crazy and she/he will have plenty of your milk while your working. AND if you have to supplement, no big deal! I have a deep freeze filled with milk that I'll prob never use!

joannalee said...

like casey said, i've heard from a couple friends that c-sections aren't that bad, and there are advantages to having one. i understand your anxiety about it though, it was always a big fear of mine as well. most likely you will delivery normally, so try to just remember that, and your baby's health being more important than how he/she got out!

breastfeeding- you already know i'm a big fan. i've never had to pump on a regular basis but i have friends who do and i totally admire them for it. i actually still have megan's superduper pump that she loaned me when we went out of town, and probably won't need it anymore by the time you deliver, so i'm sure she wouldn't mind me passing it on to you.

so glad you're blogging and we can keep up more with what's going on in our lives! yay!

Chels and Bran said...

Thanks guys!! I really appreciate the encouragement. :)
Joanna I would LOVE to borrow the pump! I will have to pump while I am at school during my planning time. Oh joy!
Casey, I am glad your c-section was a success and you have that lovely story to tell me. That is awesome!! I am just hoping that my recovery would not be like my sister Megan's. She was miserable for weeks. :(